An Oklahoma man was arrested after driving himself to the hospital for accidentally shooting himself in the genitals. Tavares Donnell Colbert, a 36 year-old convicted felon, was met at the hospital by the police around 9 a.m Saturday . He allegedly told them he had found the gun in Kansas and was planning to sell it in a convenience store. His conviction permits him from carrying firearms. The Huffington Post has the full story:

Sometimes shooting yourself in the foot is the better option.

Saturday was a bad day for Tavares Donnell Colbert. The 36-year-old Oklahoma man accidentally shot himself in the genitals, and then got arrested for it, The Weekly Vice reported.

Cops met up with Colbert — a convicted drug dealer out of Watonga — at a hospital at about 9 a.m. Colbert allegedly told officers that he found the gun somewhere in Kansas and had plans to sell it at a convenience store.

When he pulled over his truck that morning to make sure the gun worked, he found out that it did. He took a round to his groin, panicked and drove to the hospital.

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