Sky Kay Dolls by Diana Stanley

The fourth annual summer Black Doll and Art Show took place on July 21st in New York City. The show featured about 20 vendors from all over the country, who showcased mostly hand-made dolls and crafts. The yearly show gives doll collectors and consumers the chance to buy beautiful black dolls that cannot be found  in stores.

Not being able to find ethnic dolls for family members is exactly why vendors like Diana Stanley began to create her own.

“Sky Kay dolls came about because I have twin nieces and I could not find dolls for them,” said Stanley. That was 15 years ago, and she has been making dolls ever since.

“Celebrating Summertime Fantasy” was the  theme for this year’s show and  the all day event was packed with doll seekers.

“Doll shows have been going on for  a long time, but there were none in New York… Instead of looking for  someone to do it, I decided to do it myself,”  said Sharon Alexander, Executive Producer and Co-Founder of Black Doll Shows.

Since starting the New York City show in 2008,  Black Doll Shows has also produced black art shows and gift shows for the holidays.

Alexander started as a black doll collector and wanted to share her experience of finding beautiful black dolls with others in one place.