Jay-Z is the new face of Duracell Powermat

“Never be powerless” is the slogan for the new Duracell Powermat advertisement and hip-hop mogul Jay-Z is the unlikely face of the product. With New York City as the backdrop and his smash hit “Run This Town” supplying the soundtrack, a new commercial featuring the rap icon,  filmed in black and white,  follows an unidentified individual throughout his day in various situations and events where everyone he interacts with has low battery percentages (in technicolor). He is consistently shown placing his phone on the Powermat.

The 1-minute commercial concludes with the protagonist at a club where he answers an iPhone that also has a full battery and is charging on the Powermat. He is shown pondering over an incoming call that says “B” as a arm suddenly reaches for the phone. Everyone is stunned as Jay-Z is finally revealed and he walks away answering the much-anticipated call.