Shellie Zimmerman

The judge in the perjury case against Shellie Zimmerman, wife of the former neighborhood watch volunteer who shot Trayvon Martin to death in February, has set her first court date for July 31st.

Shellie Zimmerman is accused of lying to the court about the couple’s finances, and of using a “rudimentary code” during dozens of phonecalls to her husband while he was incarcerated in a Sanford, Florida jail on second degree murder charges. The couple used the code to discuss transferring more than $135,000 from a PayPal account George Zimmerman set up to collect donations for his living expenses and legal defense, into his and Shellie Zimmerman’s bank accounts, and to the account of at least one family member.

Judge Kenneth Lester revoked George Zimmerman’s bond on June 1st over the misstatements, made during his April 20th bond hearing, after which bond was set at $150,000, based on representations from Zimmerman’s attorney, Mark O’Mara, that the couple were broke. Zimmerman bonded out just over a month later, after a new bond was set at $1 million.

It is not clear whether Shellie Zimmerman will appear in person at the arraignment or be represented by an attorney at the July 31 hearing.

George Zimmerman is at a “safe house” in Sanford, awaiting trial on second degree murder charges.

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