'Django Unchained' filming completed

The Huffington Post reports that the filming for 'Django Unchained' is finally completed...

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The Huffington Post reports that the filming for Django Unchained is finally completed. There was enough footage for the well-received trailer, but now it’s time for Tarantino’s post production team to begin the editing process. With only five months left before the film’s scheduled release date and the passing of Tarantino’s favorite editor, critics wonder if Django Unchained will be ready for December 25th.

“Django Unchained” may already have enough footage for a trailer and a Cannes Film Festival sizzle reel, but that doesn’t mean it was finished. In fact, producer Stacey Sher announced via Facebook on Wednesday that Quentin Tarantino’s latest film has finally completed principal photography following 126 days (or perhaps 130 days, per Sher) on set.

“Well, we did it!” Sher reportedly wrote (the information from Sher’s Facebook profile was relayed by Indiewire blogger and journalist Anne Thompson). “At 1:23 AM, we wrapped up the extraordinary journey that has been the filming of ‘Django Unchained.’ 126 (or 130 depending on who is doing the counting) of challenging, magical, incredible adventures from Simi Valley, to the Alabama Hills, to the frozen Grand Tetons, to the swamps and plantations of New Orleans and back to Simi Valley once again!”

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