Lupe Fiasco brought to tears by the 'ghosts' of his past

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Lupe Fiasco was brought to tears on MTV’s Rap Fix Live after watching a video of him in Chicago six years ago. Most of his friends from his old neighborhood are either dead or in jail. Looking at those that were gone was looking at “ghosts” for the young rapper. It broke his heart that nothing in that neighborhood had changed and a lot of the children would never leave.”Some of those kids are not going to make it out of there and you just feel so helpless…I can’t tell you how many funerals I’ve been to.” said Lupe.

It’s amazing how far Lupe Fiasco has come. In 2006 he was a rap rookie, coming out of Chicago’s notorious West Side with the unsuspecting-yet-catchy single “Kick, Push.” Today Lupe is one of the most powerful voices in rap using his intricately laid lyrics to point out political and social inequalities, and while he stands as one of the game’s most beloved stars, the Food & Liquor MC is haunted by his past.

On Wednesday’s (July 25) episode of “RapFix Live,” host Sway Calloway played back a six-year-old clip of the MTV show “My Block,” on which Lupe played tour guide by taking our cameras through his native Chicago. But the trip down memory lane proved to be too much for Lu, who started to cry while watching the footage.

“It’s some of them dudes is dead,” Lupe said after the clip rolled, taking several moments to collect himself.

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