Chris Brown representatives deny brawl in Cannes over VIP table

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Chris Brown’s representatives have denied that the 23-year-old star was involved in nightclub brawl while in Cannes, France. Reports state the singer showed up to Gotha nightclub with a entourage of thirty people, including his girlfriend Karrueche Tran. A fight brought out after the group was denied access to the V.I.P section by the nightclub’s security. Just last month, Brown was allegedly involved in a altercation at W.I.P club in New York City with rapper Drake. New York Daily News has the full story.

A source tells the Daily News the 23-year-old singer got into a heated argument at Gotha Nightclub in Cannes on Wednesday night with club security when he discovered his table wasn’t in the upstairs VIP area.

The eyewitness says as soon as Brown arrived at Gotha with an entourage of about 20 men and 10 women, including girlfriend Karrueche Tran , the scuffle began. The group, led by fellow musician Barry (Mijo) Bradford , walked up the stairs to the VIP area with some “huge bodyguards, and Brown right behind them, thinking that’s where their table would be,” says the insider.

Two security guards belonging to the club, however, blocked them, and Bradford became “angry and started punching and shoving the security. Then Chris and his bodyguards got involved and they were pushing and screaming at each other.”

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