Democrats to include gay marriage plank at this year’s convention

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The Huffington Post reports that the Democratic National Committee has unanimously decided to add gay marriage to the official party plank at this year’s convention. Although many Democrats have widely supported gay marriage for years the LGBT community has never has marriage equality officially recognized at the DNC. Not only will the party officially support same-sex marriage at this year’s convention it will publicly denounce the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) as well.

WASHINGTON — A Democratic Party source confirmed to The Huffington Post that the party will include a plank supporting marriage equality in its official platform at the upcoming convention.

The news, first reported by the Washington Blade, represents a historic and phenomenal win for LGBT rights groups, which could hardly have envisioned progress being made so quickly on this front.

The Democratic source relayed that officials unanimously agreed at a recent platform drafting committee meeting in Minneapolis to adopt language endorsing same-sex marriage. Several steps must be taken before the language is codified. A full platform committee will consider the draft in a meeting in Detroit in two weeks. It will then go to the convention delegates in Charlotte for final approval. But the deal is more or less final.

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