Black hairstyles: theGrio celebrates the most iconic African-American hair looks of all time

african kings

Black hairstyles are a unique aspect of African-American culture. African-American hair looks have summed up seminal political moments through powerful creative poofs, expressed the joy of a generation in colorful asymmetrical cuts, or been emblazoned in memory as the crowning adornment of our favorite celebrities. Whether we have worn our hair braided, curly, natural or straight, the iconic hairstyles listed above have made a bold impact beyond the realm of the black community, inspiring awe and sometimes mimicry in the mainstream. These looks may have come and gone with popularity — some have become timeless — but none will ever be forgotten. View our gallery of the most iconic black hairstyles of all time, and reminisce on some of your favorites. Pixie cuts, box braids, S-curls and pompadours — which black hairstyles have you loved and worn?

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