Olympic swimmer Ryan Lotche's American flag grill made by Paul Wall

The gold medal that team USA's Ryan Lotche won was not the only thing shining as he stood on the podium to receive it...

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The gold medal that team USA’s Ryan Lotche won was not  the only thing shining as he stood on the podium to receive it. The Team USA swimmer’s teeth were too. Lotche had a custom American flag grill made for him by rapper Paul Wall and his custom-grills business partner Johnny Dang, specfically for the Olympics. XXL reports:

It’s hard to outshine an Olympic gold medal. Yet, that’s exactly what United States swimmer Ryan Lochte managed to do when he flashed his stars-and-stripes diamond and ruby American flag grill moments after winning a gold medal in the 400-meter IM event on Saturday night (July 28) in London.

The now-infamous picture—which covered newspapers and was plastered all over the Internet—brought huge smiles to the faces of Paul Wall and custom-grills business partner Johnny Dang aka TV Johnny. That’s because they were the ones who customized Lochte’s grill, specifically for the Olympics.

Little did they know that Lochte would flash his megawatt bling before millions of people tuning in to the Olympics on television.

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