Should the black church actively work to prevent HIV, or stick with current role of sideline support?

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From Frugivore MagazineOn the brink of the Food and Drug Administration approving Truvada, the first drug that can be used as a preventative measure in developing HIV, many Americans are beginning to ask whether or not the Church should play a bigger role in preventing HIV.

An estimated 1.2 million Americans have HIV, and with an estimated 240,000 HIV carriers unaware that they may be carrying the virus, doctors are looking for different methods of fighting the spread of it.

The topic of sexuality and HIV/AIDS awareness can almost be a bit taboo for many churches. Often because those topics are generally in the same vein of homosexuality, which can become very controversial among parishioners. Many Churches offer counseling and support for those suffering with the disease, but it still leaves many to ask, what more can be done?

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