Philadelphia mayor Michael Nutter on new PA voter ID law: 'A bad solution looking for a problem'

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter criticized Pennsylvania’s new voter ID law, describing it as “a bad solution looking for a problem.”  A recent study concluded over 1.6 million Pennsylvania voters may not have valid state ID, and that 43 percent of votes in Philadelphia may not be eligible to vote.  The Huffington Post reports:

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter blasted Pennsylvania’s controversial new voter ID law, calling it “a bad solution looking for a problem.”

“We should all certainly be concerned about the integrity of the voting process. There are a lot of ways to ensure that,” Nutter told Talking Points Memo. “But it clearly appears to me that this is one of the most frustrating, confusing, and — at the moment at least — poorly implemented solutions to a problem that we’re not even sure what it is, ultimately, that we’re trying to prevent or going to prevent.”

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