Why Gabby Douglas will rise above her hair haters

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Gymnast Gabby Douglas has no time for your hair shame shenanigans. She’s too busy scooping up gold medals at the Olympics. For those who might be confused, she’s at the Olympics — an international sporting event — not a hair show at the local mall.

For some reason, some grown women (mostly black women at that), have felt compelled to comment on Gabby’s do. Some of them think that she should have it “done.” Oh, really?

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She’s a young, black woman (girl, if you consider the fact that she’s 16) and she’s competing in an athletic event amongst the world’s top competitors.  Her trainer would probably have a fit if she were to sit in some salon chair for hours to have a proper “do,” whether that is braids, a full weave or whatever.

How low can we sink? Bashing a young lady about her hair who is breaking Olympic records is idiotic.  At 16, most of us were begging to use the car, getting dolled up for boys who we wouldn’t know at all in two years and just generally not being productive.

Gabby Douglas is busy winning two gold medals in the Olympics, setting records and getting a personal phone call from the president. A fresh relaxer seems pretty far down the priority list. Not to mention the fact that most of her “haters” are far too old to be concerned with the appearance of teenagers.

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This young lady overcame logistical issues and homesickness from being miles away from her family to train as hard as a human being can, and to ultimately win gold. She’s a national treasure and should be treated as such. If you have a problem with Gabby’s edges or her ponytail or whatever, you actually have a problem with yourself.  Anyone with a modicum of self-esteem would steer clear of the bone-headed critiques of Gabby.

Think about it. If Gabby were to hop on the balance beam with her hair done in one of those intricate styles, that would have been the main story. It would have been about how Gabby held back because she didn’t want to mess up her hair or that she spent so much time at the salon, she didn’t get enough practice.

This Gabby Douglass stuff is simply outrageous. She’s a minor and already fielding endorsement opportunities from top name brands and giving autographs to fans from all over the world. Somehow, I think her hairstyle of choice during the Olympics is not high priority. Get some business.

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