Hillary Clinton may have have a reputation for being a serious stateswoman, but she knows how to cut loose, too.  The Secretary of State hit the dance floor at a reception in South Africa on Tuesday evening.

Clinton was a guest of honor at a dinner hosted by South African Foreign Minister Maite Nkoana-Mashabane.

This video of the former first lady is now one of several that show not only is she about business, but she can also bust a move and have a good time.

Clinton was already on the  dance floor clapping and  moving to the beat  as singer Judith Sephuma approached  the crowd and  invited her to the center to show off her moves.

As other guests began dancing around them, Sephuma and Clinton began to dance with each other to the delight of the crowd, according to the Associated Press video.

This side of the Secretary of State was on display recently as she danced with farmers on visit to Malawi earlier this week. Clinton also made headlines when she was photographed drinking beer and partying with staff at a nightclub in Columbia just a few days before the sex scandal involving the hiring of  prostitutes by Secret Service agents broke.

Secretary of State Clinton’s visit  to South Africa also included attending a conference that has a mission to stop the  spread of AIDS, and meeting with the legendary Nelson Mandela.

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