Jeremy Lin gives his heartbroken young fan a Skype call

Naim is a 5-year-old Jeremy Lin fan who was more than heartbroken when he found out that his favorite Knicks player was leaving the team. Thousands of people were touched by his tears, even Lin himself. So the Houston Rockets player gave Naim words of comfort with a Skype chat.

“Jeremy was so touched by the original video that he decided to reach out to us and offer a skype virtual meet with Naim,” the video’s description read

Naim’s father did most of the talking while Lin was on the line, but the Naim held his ‘LIN17’ foam finger close to his chest the whole time. “You need to still root for them, ’cause they’re gonna be a great team with or without me, alright?” Lin told the boy. “So you have to keep going to [Knicks] games and watching them, they’ll be really good.”

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