Tea Party activist Jerome Corsi claims Obama may be bisexual and previously married to a man

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Jerome Corsi, Tea Party activist and author, now asserts that president Obama is bisexual and was once married to man. Corsi, a birther, who authored The Obama Nation: Leftist Politics and the Cult of Personality, claims he has compelling evidence that supports his theory that Obama was once married to his Pakistani roommate. Corsi does not indicate whether Obama was married to Imad Husain, Obama’s freshman roommate at Occidental, Mohammed Hasan, or Wahid Hamid, the two other Pakistani men who were once roommates of the president.

Corsi has published photos of the president on 1776nation.com where, according to Corsi, it appears the president is wearing a wedding band. He also asserts that there was long-running joke among the president’s classmates at Harvard regarding the mysterious ring and why Obama wore it.

The Harvard Law Review did a satire issue, which it does every year, that featured Obama, who was in law school at the time. Under the category ‘recent accomplishments’ the editors of the satire listed, “deflecting question about the ring on his left hand,” as an accomplishment.

Corsi says he was tipped off to his latest theory about the president’s mysterious past by a reader who follows his blog and who asked why it was that Obama was wearing the band in the years before he married Michelle. Corsi, in the video immediately deduces that the ring must have been a symbol worn to keep women away because he was in a homosexual relationship.

This, according to Corsi, is yet another example of hidden facets of the president’s life that are built on lies and mysteries. In his words the Obama story reads like a “classic intelligence agency disinformation operation where there is some truth mixed in with a lot of fiction.

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