'It's a nightmare': Pennsylvanians without ID speak out on controversial new voting law

From MSNBC’s Lean Forward blog:

A new voter ID law passed by Republicans in Pennsylvania could disenfranchise over three quarters of a million voters, and will likely hit the poor and minorities hardest. In a sign of the confusion the law’s requirements are already creating, even the state official charged with enforcing it has acknowledged: “I don’t know what the law says.”

On August 3, Alex P. Kellogg and Evan Puschak went to inner-city Philadelphia for MSNBC’s Lean Forward to hear from some of those affected.

Lenora Carey, 101, told them she’s voted for decades but has no ID. If it weren’t for help she’s getting from voting rights groups, she’d likely be shut out this time.

“We struggled thru the ’60s for the right to vote,” Jerome Kennerly, a 62-year-old African-American military veteran said. “And here it is the 2000s, and we’re struggling with the same things? Come on, it’s a nightmare.”

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