3) Do the Right Thing (1989): Lee's breakthrough and arguably his most influential film. This heated drama perfectly captured the intense racial divide of the late 1980s. Bursting with vibrant music, color and performances -- its violent climax is still controversial.

This weekend marks the release of yet another Spike Lee Joint, the low budget drama Red Hook Summer. The film has already generated considerable controversy, which of course is nothing new for the legendary auteur. While Lee’s work is at best inconsistent, he has made at least a dozen great films — which is a remarkable feat considering his anti-Hollywood style and confrontational persona. As the most famous and celebrated black director of his or any era, Lee is often held to a standard that few, if any, could live up to. And yet, over 25 years he has created some truly special films that we at theGrio would like to celebrate. So check out our top 10 Spike Lee films slideshow, and let us know whether your favorites made the cut.

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