Bill Maher on voter ID: 'Republicans have to cheat'

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Comedian Bill Maher was interviewed by HuffPost Live Tuesday and discussed a number of topics including current Republican vice presidential hopeful, Paul Ryan vs. previous nominee Sarah Palin, as well as the voter ID laws passed in several states, which some fear could make it harder for minorities to vote.

Maher told HuffPostLive:

We’re gonna propose that yea, we’ll give you [Voter Registration Laws] but then we get to give [Tea Party members] a literacy test. If you’re gonna make poor black people jump through hoops to vote, then we’re gonna make [Tea Party members] answer questions;

  1. Is Africa a country or a continent?
  2. Name a country that speaks French.

Maher’s comedic style is described as political satire, “observation comedy,” and of course, commentary. Discussing Mitt Romney and his running mate, the host of HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher” expressed confusion over why some conservatives see Paul Ryan as different from Sarah Palin.

“Somehow he’s the smartest guy in the party, and she’s the stupidest woman on earth, but they agree on everything,” he said.

Click here to watch the full video segment.

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