7th grader banned from pee wee football for being too big

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Elijah Earnheart, 12, was recently banned from playing pee wee football because of his size.  The seventh grader is 6’1″ and weighs 297 lbs.  Even though he’s been practicing with his Mesquite, Texas pee wee football team, the Mesquite Vikings, for weeks, according to KDFW Earnheart was told at a meeting this past weekend that he would not be permitted to play in the league.

One of Earnheart’s coaches, Marc Wright does not agree with the league’s decision, and said there are other seventh graders over the weight limit and they are still able to compete as linemen.

The Mesquite Pee Wee Football Association President Ronnie Henderson acknowledged the rule that allows players who are over 135 lbs to participate as linemen, but added that it is only for elementary school students.  If the player is in middle school or high school and exceeds the league’s weight limits, they must play for a school league.

Earnheart shared with KDFW that he wants to play on the Mesquite Vikings because most of his friends play on the team.  Earnheart and his mother, Cindy have been protesting the leagues decision.  Earnheart added that he would not feel comfortable playing on a school team due to his lack of experience.

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