Grammy award-winning singer Brandy has released her new video “Put It Down” featuring fellow hip-hop artist Chris Brown.  The new video is the first to be released off her upcoming album Two Eleven, which is set to hit stores October 16th.  In the video Brandy sports the long braids she became known for at the start of her career in the ’90’s, as well as different hairstyles, and shows off some dance moves.

Brandy explained to The Insider that the title of her album not only represents her birthday, but it pays tribute to the day Whitney Houston died.  Brandy said she wants “to continue to live my life with purpose and make her [Houston] proud…One of the last things she said to me, she said ‘No body can be you, just be you, don’t be afraid to be you.'”

Two Eleven is Brandy’s first album release since 2008’s Human.  This highly-anticipated album will be featuring Sean Garrett, Frank Ocean, and Drake.

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