Man arrested for leading gang rape of teenage girl aboard cruise ship

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According to the Daily Mail, Casey Dickerson, 31, was arrested on federal sex charges for being the alleged ringleader in the gang rape of a 15-year-old girl. The girl claims Dickerson raped her on a Carnival Sensation cruise ship traveling from Florida to the Bahamas, and then encouraged four teenage boys to force themselves on her as well.

Dickerson denies the accusations, but admits to buying alcohol for a group of teens. The girl said the rape occurred in an extra cabin that Dickerson had a key to. Officials confirm Dickerson was given access to a spare room by the ship’s crew because his wife complained about excess noise.

The girl, whose identity hasn’t been revealed, told authorities that she entered the cabin where Dickinson and the teenage boys were partying with a friend. After being given some alcohol, one teenager held the victim’s friend in the bathroom as she was being sexually assaulted in the room.

The girls claim Dickerson and the group of teenage boys each took turns raping her while she was being pinned down. According to reports, after the attack she was allowed to get dressed and leave the room where she was treated for injuries and was provided with a rape kit aboard the ship’s medical center.

The teen suspects have not been charged yet, but they told the FBI that Dickerson encouraged them to assault the victim.

Dickerson, in an interview with WFTV, said that he was drunk and incapacitated and wasn’t aware of anything sexual that happened in the cabin. He also admits to having sex with other women on the cruise that weren’t his wife.

Carnival released a statement about the incident saying that “Carnival is fully cooperating with law enforcement officials as the investigation continues.”

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