Alameda County In-N-Out burger slapped with discrimination lawsuit

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NBC Bay Area – A class action law suit was filed in Alameda County this week alleging that the popular In-N-Out burger chain discriminates against people of color.

“We believe individuals that are applying for store associates and custodial positions at In-N-Out burger. Certain individuals are being discriminated against by their age, race and or color,” Joel Young said.

Attorney Joel Young represents two African American men over the age of 40. In the complaint, it says one applied for a job in Oakland in June after he was told the store was hiring. In August he was told he didn’t get the job.

The complaint also says a second plaintiff applied for positions in San Francisco and Oakland after being told the company is always hiring.

Young says his client was also denied employment. He says both his clients are qualified for the jobs they applied for.

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