Cicely Bolden, 28

Dallas police have Larry Dunn Jr., 36, in custody for stabbing his girlfriend, Cicely Bolton, 28, to death for not telling him she was HIV positive before she had sex with him. reports during a recorded confession, Dunn told detectives, “She killed me, so I killed her.” Dunn left her body for her 7 and 8 year old to find after school.

There are teddy bears and lit candles outside what’s now a boarded-up apartment on Highland Village Drive in South Dallas.

Neighbor Latoya Arnett said she hopes it shows a little respect for a woman who died a violent death.

Cicely Bolden, 28, lived inside the apartment with her seven- and eight-year-old son and daughter.

“The kids came home around 3:30 p.m. Thursday, and when they walked inside the house, they came out crying,” Arnett said. “I ran out to see what was wrong with them. They were saying, ‘Something’s wrong with mama!'”

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