Tasha Smith: ‘I want to play Donna Summer’ in biopic

theGRIO Q&A: During an interview with theGrio, Tasha Smith talked about her current role on Tyler Perry's 'For Better or Worse' and revealed she wants to play Donna Summer on the big screen...

Luther Vandross was outed as gay after his death.

Actress Tasha Smith currently stars in Tyler Perry’s hit TBS sitcom For Better or Worse. On the show she plays Angela Williams, a character made popular in Perry’s Why Did I Get Married? film and its sequel.

During a recent interview with theGrio’s Chris Witherspoon, Smith talked about how she is a multi-talented entrepreneur with numerous business ventures in the works, including a fragrance, acting workshop, wig line and speaker’s bureau. She revealed that a lot of her inspiration comes from Perry.

“I learn a lot from him and he is so inspirational and has been such a support system with me. He always encourages me to go and do what God called me to do, and to have faith,” Smith said.

The Jumping the Broom star also revealed that her dream role is to play Donna Summer is a movie biopic.

It seems America knows you as an angry black woman because of the role you played as Angela Williams in Why Did I Get Married? And Why Did I Get Married Too? What does it feel like to be so quickly attached to that character, even off-camera?

I never really felt that my character was an angry black woman. Even with Angela on For Better or Worse. The reason why I love doing the show is because we have the time to portray different dimensions of who Angela is as a woman. Now Angela gets to live every day every week. I love the way Tyler is writing her this season. She’s fun, she’s more of a supportive friend, she’s not the one burning up cars and getting pissed off. I feel like it’s an opportunity to show a different dimension of Angela.

As an actor, we have to feed ourselves and we want to work. I am grateful for the opportunities that I’ve gotten and a lot of the characters I have taken on, are a bit rough and different, but the essence of what Tyler likes in my strength. I am waiting for other roles and other opportunities to come, but until those other characters come, I’m going to do the roles that I have the opportunities to do.

You recently got the opportunity to work with Whitney Houston’s daughter Bobbi Kristina, just months ago, when she made her acting debut on For Better or Worse? Did you give her any advice?

I encouraged Bobbi Kristina just to stay living the life that God has created you to live. You know, because that little girl is precious, and I was so proud of and her never acting, and coming on that set and being able to pull off that role. I enjoyed her there while we were on-set filming, but after seeing it on TV, I was like ‘wow, she came off even better than I felt she did in person.’

To a lot of people, you are a brand ambassador for Tyler Perry. What do you think is the key to his success?

Well I gotta tell you the truth is a lot of times people try to figure out ‘how does he do it?’ Honestly I just think it’s divine, I really think it’s what God called him to do and him to be. Everyone can’t be Tyler, everyone can’t be me, or can’t be you.  All of us are unique in our own selves and our gifting and the way that our gifting works.

I feel God just gave him a gift and he is able to relate to what is going on in the world right now and bring it to TV and Film. He dreams big and he is fearless and will put his money where his dream it. A lot of us sit around and say ‘I want to do this or I want to do that,’ but we never do it because we don’t have the money. Tyler invested his life into his dream, and did whatever he had to do by whatever means necessary to make his dreams come true. He goes after his dreams not knowing what the return on his investment is going to be.