Tasha Smith: ‘I want to play Donna Summer’ in biopic

You are busy now launching several businesses of your own. Have you received any advice from Tyler Perry on his to make your various ventures successful?

I learn a lot from him and he is so inspirational and has been such a support system with me. He always encourages me to go and do what God called me to do, and to have faith. The key is having faith in the vision that you see for you. I had a dream to start a speaking agency, I had a dream to start a wig line, I had a dream to start a fragrance, I have a dream to direct, and I have a dream to produce. I just feel like there shouldn’t be any limitations on us.

What inspired you to do a wig line and what kind of looks are you going to do?

I am working on them right now. I just wanted to create hair for women that looked like good real hair. Some of us have been hooked on weaves and the weaves have damaged our hair as black women. I just feel like we are going to be going into wigs, either wearing our natural hair or wigs, because these weaves and perms have really damaged our hair. Also a lot of women that I know have been dealing with thyroid issues, alopecia and cancer. I have friends that went from having hair down past their elbows to being completely bald. I want to be able to empower all types of women with great hair.

Jill Scott is currently on the cover of Essence rocking her natural hair. What is your take on natural short hair vs. long luscious locks?

My twin sister, Sidra Smith is all bald, and gorgeous. I love natural hair. I think Jill Scott looks absolutely amazing on that cover. She is fierce, and looks so beautiful. It’s one of the most amazing covers I have seen. Jill looks so powerful and free. I am a huge fan, so Jill Scott can do no wrong.

What is a dream movie role for you?

I want to play Donna Summer.

In a biopic?

Yes that would be a dream role.

So do you sing?

No I don’t, but neither did Angela Bassett when she played Tina Turner.

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