The US News & World Report recently did an analysis of colleges and universities where students graduated with the least and the most amounts of debt debt. Clark Atlanta University ranks at the top of schools where students exit with most debt.

This finding is perhaps unsurprising, since 94 percent of students borrow money to attend the HBCU. The average debt of a 2011 Clark Atlanta graduate is a whopping $47,066. That could easily cripple someone with a well paying job, talk less of a recent college graduate

The report calculated the average debt of graduating students, the percent of students who borrowed and their U.S. News National Universities rank.

On a more positive note, Howard University was ranked sixth on the list of colleges or universities with students graduating with the least debt at an average of $15,080.

U.S. News ranked 270 colleges for the 2013 Best National Universities, 229 of which reported data on graduates’ debt.

Many of the top schools in the country (including several Ivy League institutions) were least likely to have graduates with high debt, but some lesser known schools like San Diego State University and Old Dominion University in Virginia left students owing $16,400 and $16,500 respectively.

“Students borrowing to attend any college should research their school, major, and career options before taking out loans. The total amount you borrow should be less than your predicted starting salary after graduation,” financial aid expert Mark Kantrowitz told U.S. News & World Report.

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