Delaware toddler helps save aunt’s life

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A Delaware toddler’s smart thinking and quick actions have everyone celebrating his heroism. Tyrone Copeland, a three-year-old from Wilmington, Delaware, was spending a day in the park with his aunt Deneene Copeland last week when she suddenly started suffering from a seizure, WPVI-TV reported.

The young boy ran to two strangers across the street, asking them to call 911. The strangers were Paula Thomas and Gena Butler, who were outside their home when Tyrone told them his aunt needed help.

“He is just amazing because he knew his name, he knew his address,” Thomas told local news. “He told us concisely what was wrong and where to go.”

According to Thomas, Tyrone told the women his aunt was just “laying there.” He also said she “wasn’t moving” and her mouth and eyes were “closed.”

Deneene has suffered seizures in the past. Tyrone stood by his aunt’s side until paramedics arrived minutes later and transported her to the hospital, according to Delaware Online.

Wilmington neighborhood police are holding a ceremony this week to honor Tyrone with a certificate for his actions.

“Any other person probably wouldn’t have done that,” Deneene said about her nephew. “And for his age, I am very thankful.”