Nick Gordon (via Twitter)

Bobbi Kristina’s alleged boyfriend, Nick Gordon, is back in the news, this time for putting up a picture of himself on Twitter wielding a gun.

In the picture, Gordon is seen driving with one hand  and holding the gun up by his face with the other. Although it is hard to tell if the gun is real or fake, it is cause for alarm for those close to the daughter of the late Whitney Houston, who are now questioning his stability.

According to the Daily Mail, Bobbi’s spokesperson refused to comment on the picture, but stated that “Nick is not her boyfriend.”

Although the spokesperson denies the relationship, the two have been making headlines with their Twitter antics, like when they tweeted photos of their matching tattoos.

Gordon was unofficially adopted by the late singer when he was just 12, and has lived as a sibling with Bobbi for more than a decade.

The two are reported to be filming their own reality show while they are vacationing in Hawaii.

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