A 21-year-old girl from the Philippines gave an impromptu performance of Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” that has become a viral sensation. Zendee Rose Tenerefe performed the iconic ballad on a grocery store karaoke machine, standing in front of bottles of liquor, while a man was mopping the floor.

The performance, which lasts nearly 5 minutes, was published on YouTube Monday, and already has over 1 million views. The video is titled “A random girl steps up to a karaoke machine, and floors everyone,” which pretty much sums up Zendee’s incredible performance. Commentors are urging record label executives to take notice of the young singer’s talent and sign her to a recording contract.

“That was beautiful. She nailed the notes and put her own flavor to it. I feel like Randy Jackson critiquing her. She needs to get found,” writes justpnay.

“I am in love! This sweet youngling absolutely DESTROYS Justin Bieber! Everyone do your part to spread and share this to start the process of perhaps a great career for you great talent,”  headslo commented.

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