Police report: Man who spat in FEMA contractor's face also threatened arresting officer

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A Louisiana man accused of spitting in the face of a female contractor clearing debris near his home also attacked the officer who tried to arrest him, a police report shows.

In the recently released report,  Josh Jambon, 51, was arrested on three counts of simple assault for slapping two African-American women and spitting on a third. Five witnesses — who were working on the job site that the three women were monitoring — wrote voluntary statements verifying their claims. Jambon is accused assaulting Brandi Worley, Norma Savoy and Madonna Reed. He allegedly called the women ni–ers, slapped Savoy and Reed and spat on Worley as she recorded some of the attack on her cellphone.

According to the report, the arresting officer, identified only as Sergeant Eschete, was also cursed at and called a “fat whore,” a “b–ch” as she was taking Jambon into custody, and was told by Jambon that he would “remember this when [Sgt Eschete] would need something in the future.”

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Worley said Jambon was only arrested after she showed Sgt. Eschete her camera phone video, said Jambon was held at the police station for only a brief period of time, and that he walked out of the station with the police chief  like the two were friends.

A boat salesman, Jambon told theGrio that in a small town of  “just 1,270 people,” everyone knows everyone else, including the police chief.

Regarding the assault itself, Jambon said he was having a “bad day” after losing over a dozen properties in the hurricanes and a “tremendous amount of money …. I have offices all around the world and the majority of people I employ were all black,” Jambon said. “They’ve all come to me since then and said they know it’s not me, I just blanked.”

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