Chris Brown performs live on stage during Supafest 2012 at ANZ Stadium on April 15, 2012 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Brendon Thorne/Getty Images)

Controversial R&B singer Chris Brown is taking on his critics with a new single called “Don’t Judge Me” — or is he? Despite the provocative title, Brown’s new music video has him appearing at a military base on a “suicide mission.” Some observers see references to Rihanna in the clip. MTV reports:

Chris Brown released the video for his latest single “Don’t Judge Me” on Thursday (September 27), and the clip finds him in the military, asking everyone listening to do exactly what the title says.

Brown is shown walking through the desert and sitting in front of a couch with a woman sleeping behind him. As the song continues he goes to a military base as he preps for a mission that is described as “suicide.” The singer has to do this “for his country and his planet” as he hops into a space shuttle that is then hurled towards a massive alien ship that is very close to earth.

He begins to weep and destroys the ship by crashing into it, incinerating himself in the process. He leaves behind the woman on the couch that could be seen as a symbol for his ex, Rihanna, as the song continually asks for forgiveness for his past indiscretions.

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