PostScrpt'd The List

If you love read — or if you’d like to read more but need a little help finding the best titles — PostScript’d brings you the hottest new titles every week on theGrio.

This week we decided to push the envelope a bit by giving a read to those who have been in the press for being “all wrong.” We start with Ann Coulter, who in her new book believes she can give us some insight into the black plight. We also acknowledge the all-too-frowned-upon genre of “street lit” this week, with a book titled “Animal.” Finally, rounding out our list is former Grey’s Anatomy star Isaiah Washington, who was fired from the hit show for hurling the F-word at a coworker who happened to be gay. Since that unfortunate incident, Washington has learned a few things about himself, which you can read all about in his new book.

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