Chris Brown, Oprah and Rihanna
Chris Brown, Oprah and Rihanna. (Photos: Getty)

Chris Brown and Rihanna have been snapped kissing on dance floors and leaving hotels within minutes of one another, prompting the public to assume  that it will be a matter of days before they are back together. Oprah Winfrey, who recently interviewed the Bajan singer on her Next Chapter program, has weighed in on a potential reunion between the pair. In speaking to Extra, the media mogul remarked that Rihanna and Brown seemed fated to reunite after their tear-filled interview.

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“You know what I loved about that interview is that she came with a big wide open heart. She was in the space of forgiveness,” Oprah said of their talk about Chris Brown. “And that she learned a lesson that she was repeating with Chris Brown — exactly what she needed to learn from her father.”

According to the Daily News, Rihanna revealed that her father had abused her mother in her sit down with the talk show queen.

While Oprah stated that she is “not surprised” that the pair might again be a couple, she stressed that Chris and Rihanna have a lot of work to do if the abuse that took place in 2009 will be avoided. Brown received a conviction for beating the singer on the eve of the Grammys.

“I think that if she is prepared to deal with that and is prepared to help him help himself then so be it,” Oprah added. “I have no judgment about it. That’s why I can sit there and have such a great time with her because I do all my interviews with no judgment whatsoever.”

Entertainment editor and licensed clinical social worker S. Tia Brown has additional advice for the young lovers. Brown sees their deep understanding of each other as a byproduct of dating in the limelight; yet, the need for personal growth is still necessary regardless of the source of their tie.

“It isn’t surprising that the pair rekindled as both have expressed strong feelings of both romantic love and friendship towards each other,” Brown told theGrio. “In addition, their circumstance is compounded by a limited peer group, the inability to interact with others socially due to stardom and the age their celebrity began.”

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If they do officially reunite, Brown believes that it is possible for them have a fruitful partnership, if they are able to be more adult going forward. This means learning better coping mechanisms for stressors such as anger.

“My advice to the pair is simple: Be healthy,” Brown concluded. “I suggest they focus on how they want their life to end. What stories do they want told about their careers, friendships and adulthood in 30 or 40 years? Write it out and let that be the guide to their current choices. If you eventually want a fulfilled life— and we’re talking more than money — you can’t live like a music video. Have fun — but focus on sobriety and maturity. As adults you must deal with the issues that plague you every day. Your reaction to stress, disappointment and pain is your choice — and no one else’s fault.”

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