Texas attorney James Rytting is attempting to postpone the execution of his client, Johnathan Green, claiming his client is not mentally competent.  Green is on death row after being found guilty of the June 2000 rape and murder of 12-year-old Christina Leann Neal, whose body was found in his home.

Jonathan Green has schizophrenia, and the Daily Mail reports his attorney claiming he is “borderline mentally retarded.”  Green was set to be executed in 2010, but received a stay so that his mental conditions could be evaluated.  The extra time was granted because according to Texas law each person facing execution must have an understanding of why they are being put to death.

Mental health experts for the prosecution and defense differ on Green’s mental competence.  In 2011, a Montgomery County judge ruled Green met the standard for competence, however the defense expert disagreed, concluding he was not exaggerating symptoms.

Green is scheduled to be executed this Wednesday, and a stay has not been granted yet.

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