McDonald's employees sue co-worker for allegedly stealing millions in lottery winnings

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McDonald’s employees are suing a co-worker for allegedly stealing the winnings from a lottery jackpot which they had all pooled money for.

The lawsuit claims that Mirlande Wilson, 37, purchased $75 worth of lottery tickets from a Shell station near the McDonald’s restaurant where they all worked, but has since refused to the share the winnings with her 14 co-workers.

Wilson made headlines when she initially claimed to have the winning lottery ticket for a jackpot that totaled $656 million, but days later she alleged to have lost the winning ticket.

The plaintiffs also believe that Wilson purchased, or had someone else purchase, additional tickets, including the winning tickets from a 7-11 store in Baltimore County. Three public school workers, dubbed as “The Three Amigos,” who requested to remain anonymous since Maryland allows lottery winners that option, had been confirmed as part winners of the multimillion dollar jackpot.

According to the Daily Mail, although the Maryland lottery officials say there is no evidence of fraud, the lawsuit against Wilson alleged that she never lost the ticket, but instead gave it to public school workers in order to split the prize among fewer people.

Dominique Gordet, one of the plaintiffs in the case again Wilson, says that he was her live-in boyfriend at the time, and she had told him of her scheme to earn a higher payout by conspiring with the public school workers.

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