A video showing basketball highlights of the son of the late NBA center Manute Bol has attracted nearly 35,000 views on You Tube since it was first uploaded Monday. Bol passed away in 2010 after kidney trouble and a skin condition.

His son, whose name is Bol Bol, is in the seventh grade and stands 6’5.

Manute was known for his shot-blocking prowess during his ten seasons with four different NBA teams. His son shows similar length and a outside stroke – which his father also displayed from time to time.

The video highlights (via @CityLeagueHoops) are from the 2012 Cross Roads Elite Camp in Indianapolis. Cross Roads is a camp circuit for the top middle school ballers (sixth – eighth graders) in the country.

Bol resides in Kansas City, Mo and last year, according to Dave Krider of MaxPreps.com, was named best defensive player in his age group as a sixth grader. (No surprise there)

Manute’s other son Madut is a 6’9 center at Southern University.

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