Snoop Dogg … sorry, Snoop Lion, is nothing if not inventive. He’s gone from a hardcore gangster rapper alongside Dr. Dre, to portraying a 70s R&B disco king for his hit video “Sensual Seduction” to performing with these guys, to becoming reggae artist. Now, the rapper is reinventing himself again, as a pitch-man … for Hot Pockets. Watch the video send-up to Snoop’s actual hit, “Drop it like it’s hot,” which of course is entitled “Pocket like it’s hot.” The video, which appears on the Hot Pockets Facebook page, features Snoop and a couple of friends, including comedic actor Andy Milonakis, and a giant Hot Pocket in a fur coat and sunglasses.

What do you think? Is this Snoop genius, or a giant, cheesy sell-out?