‘McJordan’ BBQ sauce on eBay for $10K

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CSN CHICAGO – Let me take you back in time.

The year was 1992, the Bulls were in the midst of dominating the NBA en route to a three-peat, and Michael Jordan was endorsing everything. Enter: the McDonald’s McJordan – and you can own a piece of its history.

For sale on eBay for $9,995 is a one gallon unopened jug of special McJordan barbecue sauce from McDonald’s 1992 special the McJordan Burger. Consisting of a quarter-pound beef patty, cheese, onion, pickles, barbecue sauce and bacon, the sandwich was a limited run in 1992 in limited markets in the U.S.

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A later incarnation of the McJordan was the Beef Wennington, named after former Bulls center Bill Wennington. Instead of bacon, the sandwich was served with Canadian bacon and sold exclusively in the Chicagoland area in 1998.

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