First lady Michelle Obama and Ann Romney wear matching 'pepto-pink' looks to second presidential debate

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First lady Michelle Obama wore a ‘pepto-pink’ suit — as it was described by style watchers on Twitter — to the second presidential debate last night. Watching her husband President Obama from the sidelines in Hempstead, New York, Michelle paired the bright ensemble with a simple strand of pearls.

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Described as “a neon jacket and sheath dress by Michael Kors” by the Mrs. O fashion blog, the first lady’s look was very similar to that selected by Ann Romney for the occasion.

“Of note, both Mrs. Obama and Mrs. Romney wore pink dresses for the evening — described on Twitter as ‘pepto-pink’ and ‘bubblegum’ in hue. As October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, perhaps the color was chosen to support the cause?,” questioned the style outlet that chronicles the first lady’s fashions. As Ann Romney is a breast cancer survivor, that choice in support of this cause would be very fitting.

Yet, some fashionistas still brought out their claws to dissect the statement made by the women through choosing this shocking pink shade, whatever the underlying motive.

An edgy guide to all things chic, The Gloss commented, “although we’re not crazy about the color, we think she looked pretty great,” on the first lady’s take. “After all, if you’re going to wear a screaming shade of hot pink, you might want to keep everything else very simple and clean. And she did!”

Ann Romney did not fare so well under the fashion world’s intense scrutiny. From her supposedly clashing gem necklace, to brazen comments about Ann’s choice of foundation garments, for some — particularly on Twitter — Romney couldn’t win.

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Most reactions have been rather benign though, focusing on this opportunity to compare and contrast the presidential candidate’s spouses and have a bit of fun. A fashion face-off between these ladies was probably inevitable. Voting on who looked better in “pepto-pink” has provided the perfect fodder, and sprouted up on several sites.

“Both Michelle and Ann looked pretty in pink at the debate,” opined the E! online Pop & Politics blog, joining the trend, “but we want to know… who stole the show with her hot-pink look? Michelle or Ann?”

Definitely a great question. Take a look at the photos above and let us know which woman you think wore pink with the greatest appeal.

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