Virginia school teacher fired after ex-student reveals alleged affair on Twitter

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A substitute teacher at Cosby High School in Midlothian, Virginia, has been fired for allegedly having sex with a former student.

WRIC-TV reported that Anna Michelle Walters, was fired on Friday when school authorities first learned of the allegations.

Justin Fosters, now a college student at West Virginia University, took to Twitter on Tuesday to give a detailed account of an affair with substitute teacher, Walters, while he was a student at Cosby High School with picture proof.

Chesterfield County Police are investigating how old Fosters was when the affair took place, and are also looking into claims that Walters might have been involved with other students.

Fosters tweeted: “Everyone be on twitter tonight lmfao,” and then followed with “oh man s**** going down tonight please if you attend Cosby or used to please be on twitter it’ll be a treat.”

Fosters then proceeded to post a naked picture of Walters, along with screenshots of text messages that were exchanged between the two.

His action generated mixed reactions on the social media, as one person tweeted praises at Fosters saying: “No matter what people say @DubVeeU is a f****** boss. #BossStatus”

And another person rebuked him for his antics, saying, “Hey, just want you to know That you’re a big thing in Sweden…and we all think you’re a very sad person.”

It is unclear what the motivation was, that led Fosters to reveal his exploits with the substitute teacher, but some are speculating that it was part of a fraternity initiation.

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