The 7 best things about black homecoming season

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From MadameNoire.comIt’s autumn, which is my favorite time of year for three reasons:  sweater dresses, the pumpkin patch, and HOMECOMING SEASON!!! As an HBCU alumni (go Hampton!), homecoming has a special place in my heart – it’s a time when I can reunite with friends who knew me back when I had a terrible perm and braces, and reflect on how far we’ve all come. For those of you that don’t know (and even those of you who do), here are the seven bomb-est aspects of an HBCU homecoming.


Every year a new crop of songs rises to the top of the charts (and hearts) of HBCU grads looking to capture the spirit of the homecoming season. All the clubs, parties, boat cruises and kickbacks will no doubt be rocking to music that gets the crowd crunk at the first drop of the beat. My personal predictions for this year’s Homecoming anthems include Juicy J’s “Bandz A Make Her Dance,” “Pop That,” and Two Chainz’s “Birthday.” Miguel’s “Adorn” counts, but only as a slow grind anthem.

The Tailgate

Where else can you see freshly graduated alumni and old heads party together in unity? The tailgate, my friend. Food, liquor (hidden if your campus is dry), music, and all around debauchery, the tailgate is where people go to catch up on old times and to stunt on people that played them in college. Make sure you stay hydrated, wear comfy (but fly) clothes, and bring a flask! And steer clear of the hopping grandpa bruhs – old habits die hard.

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