Chicago Dean of Students wins dance-off against student

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A prank by a group of Chicago high school students last Tuesday took a hilarious turn when Dean of Students John Fanning joined in, and now the video is going viral.

In the short clip, a Whitney M. Young Magnet High School student, backed up by his friends drumming a beat on chairs and tables, starts to dance in the middle of the room.

According to the YouTube page, it’s a prank the group of friends has done more than once: randomly “foot-working” in front of people.

The student dances in front of one teacher, who doesn’t take the bait, and then dances up to Fanning. What happens next, nobody expects, as Fanning immediately busts out into an Irish jig of his own. The following eruption of cheers and applause from students crown him as the winner of the battle.

“Like any kid who grew up in [predominantly Irish Chicago neighborhood] Rogers Park, I was dragged to Irish dance classes,” Fanning told The Huffington Post.

“As senior pranks go, it’s pretty tame and innocuous,” Fanning said about his decision to dance instead reprimanding the students.

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