Rapper Angel Haze touches on sexual abuse in new track

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Have you heard of Angel Haze? The rookie female MC, has been making waves for the past few years with her ability to paint hyper realistic pictures with her words.

Check out her gritty ode to the NYC streets appropriately titled “New York“or her rendition of the late singer Aaliyah’s “Hot Like Fire“.

The future is bright for Haze, and if she keeps recording tracks like “Cleaning Out My Closet”, everyone will know her name soon enough.

Haze dropped a new track via social media which was her rendition of one of Eminem’s trademark songs, “Cleaning Out My Closet“, and just like Slim Shady did 10 years ago, Haze lets her dark feelings bleed on the beat.

Haze reminisces about her very difficult childhood where she raps about the multiple rapes she’s endured, her suicidal thoughts that stemmed from them, and her exploration of her own sexuality.

This is pretty heavy content from someone so young, but her talent can’t be denied and this could very well her signature song.

Click on the link below and let us know what you think of Haze’s latest.


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