Wyclef Jean Sea World
Wyclef riding Shamu at Sea World

Rapper and songwriter Wyclef Jean tweeted a pic last week celebrating his 43rd birthday, where he was posted up on his motorcycle in a speedo…and nothing else.

Needless to say, the pic had social media scratching their collective heads and a response was definitely on its way.

We’ve seen this kind of meme in the hip-hop community before. When Kanye West infamously interrupted Taylor Swift at the VMA awards, his “Imma let you finish but…” quote and infamous #kanyeshrug became viral.

West and his shrug were popping up in the most random of pics and even spawned its own tumblr page.

More recently, the Chipotle employee who photo bombed a pic with Mitt Romney became a brief Internet star for his bugged out facial expression. His likeness even made his way onto Sesame Street.

Well now its Wyclef’s turn. Check out some of our favorite funny photos of The Fugees singer that are flying around the Internet.

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Photos courtesy of Carrie Healey.