CANTON, OH - AUGUST 5: Television commentator Deon Sanders stands on the sidelines during the AFC-NFC Pro Football Hall of Fame Game against the Pittsburgh Steelers at Fawcett Stadium August 5, 2007 in Canton, Ohio. (Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images)

According to EurWeb, Deion Sanders has ended his marriage to Pilar without having to give her any of his money. The judge ruled that the Sanders prenuptial agreement was valid, though Pilar argued that some parts were forged and that she was pressured to sign the rest.

“It’s greed. You signed a contract. We had a prenuptial and now you don’t like the terms of it, because of the realization — it’s over. Your lifestyle will no longer be the same way. It’s greed,” Sanders told reporters after the hearing.

Pilar responded back on Twitter: “Do u even know what GREED Means since u couldn’t even define the word IGNORANT.”

Pilar will reportedly receive $1 million once the divorce is final, according to NBC Dallas. Aside from child support — which Pilar is accusing Sanders of not paying — that will be the last that she will see from him in terms of money.

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