Why do you think James Bond films are able to cross-over and appeal to any race?

I think because the films have this universal appeal to men, because they all want to be that character. Every guy wants to be the guy that always gets the girl and then saves the world and is never injured.  James Bond is completely capable, and charming, witty, and mysterious. He’s got all the elements that guys want to be, and all the elements that a woman wants in a man. You either want to be James Bond or be with James Bond.

Are you a fan of Adele? There is a lot of buzz that she might get nominated for an Academy Award for her Skyfall theme song. Do you think she has what it takes to win the academy award for best song?

Yeah, definitely. I think it’s an amazing song and I’m a huge fan of Adele and so I would love for her to get an Oscar for her song ‘Skyfall.’ That would be incredible.

Who are some actors that you would hope to star opposite of one day?

Morgan Freeman is an amazing amazing actor who I would like to work with. I had the privilege of working with Idris Elba recently and that was like a dream come true for me, because I think he’s absolutely fantastic actor. Chiwetel Ejofor is another actor that I think is absolutely brilliant and I would love to work with.

What do you have coming up next in your career?

Two days after I finished Skyfall I went off to South Africa and I played Winnie Mandela opposite Idris Elba in a new film Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom, and that will be released next year so that’s the next film my fans can see me in. It’s a completely different role.

Did you ever get to talk to Winnie Mandela while filming the movie Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom?

Yes. I went to dinner with her and it was really great actually. I wanted to know how she wanted me to play her and she said “the most important thing to me is that you’re authentic. You’ve done your research so I trust you to create the character as you see fit and to represent me as you see fit.” So she really allowed me the liberty to do what I wanted with the character and I am definitely grateful to her for that.

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