The 1991 drama Boyz n the Hood has shown considerable staying power since its release in theaters over 20 years ago.

Yet fans of the John Singleton film have never seen it like this before.

According to The New Yorker, 35-year-old African-American dancer Kyle Abraham is reinterpreting the Oscar nominated film in his own show called Pavement.

Abraham, who founded his own company called Abraham.In.Motion in 2006, used the classic film as an inspiration for his piece, which explores racial strife in Pittsburgh, the choreographer’s hometown.

“Of course, being from Pittsburgh and making dances, especially when it’s a social thing, I think a lot about where I was at that time, in ’91, and just my life in general,” said Abraham in an interview with The Dance Enthusiast.

“So I was thinking a lot about Pittsburgh and of gang violence, and the violence in the film. Putting that in relation to Pittsburgh where we also had the Bloods and the Crips… thinking about the fact that those two gangs in particular are in two historically black neighborhoods that were really rich at some point, not financially, but in culture,” he added.

Kyle has a world premiere work debuting on the Ailey Company during their 5-week New York City Center Season running November 28 – December 30.