A 19-year-old who happens to be named Denzel Washington was picking his brother up from work in Flint, Michigan when they saw bright lights above a movie theater.

At first, he thought they were stadium lights for a premiere, but when they got closer Washington saw that it was something else.

“Planes don’t stay still and there’s no attachments. It’s not a helicopter because I didn’t hear the propellers,” Washington told Flint officers, “and as I drive more we get parallel to the movie theaters and lights. And we both [saw] something that we would never see in a million years, it was a UFO!”

The 19-year-old told police that he and his brother were scrambling to get a photo of the hovering lights. Unfortunately, his brothers phone wouldn’t take pictures because the battery was low and his took too long to open the camera feature.

“So, now I am no more than maybe 200 ft away looking at a actually UFO. The entire ship,” he said. ” Not, just a light or a star. So now, it seems like the UFO has identified us noticing it and it starts to move. I really wanted a pic so everyone could believe me. I jumped back in my car and tried to chase it but before I can get to the end of the movie theater parking lot …  it disappeared without a sign or a trace”.

He estimated that he and he brother were about 200 feet from the object. “I don’t know if it was an alien but it was a UFO … ” Washington said on the 911 call. “I’m not under the influence or anything. I’m just psyched out.”

Washington, shocked from the experience, called 911 to find out whether or not anyone had called to report UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) lights like a football stadium. “We couldn’t [have] been the only people to see it but she didn’t take me serious.”

“People say seeing is believing. I know what I [saw],” said Washington, who told MLive he works three jobs, said he isn’t making up the story. “You just have to believe me,” he said. “I don’t lie.”

According to MLive, the Federal Aviation Administration reported nothing out of the ordinary above the township, and police received no other calls. But Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) has Michigan currently listed as a UFO alert rating of 3, one of the highest reporting states during October 2012.

Washington is sure of what he saw and it has changed his life.

“Now I know something is out there and I don’t have to keep wondering. I saw it right here in front of my eyes, a clear view.”

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