Ginuwine says Rihanna captures the spirit of 'Pony'

theGRIO REPORT - Ginuwine is excited to have Rihanna sample his legendary song 'Pony' on her upcoming album Unapologetic.

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R&B singer Ginuwine is excited to have Rihanna sample his legendary song “Pony” on her upcoming album Unapologetic

In an interview with MTV, he weighed in on the pop star’s use of his hit track:

“You know what? My management told me she wanted to use it, and Rihanna, I’m a fan of hers and I love what she’s doing.,” he said.

“Anytime someone uses anything that I’ve done in the past, that’s just one of those things where the respect is there and I can appreciate that and it was a great song and still is…I’m anxious to hear what she’s done to it and at the same time appreciative of her to consider that song from me. Hopefully it does a wonderful job for her like it did for me.”

The DC artist is known for sensually seductive songs and he thinks Rihanna is the perfect person to capture the true spirit of “Pony”.

Here is a snippet of Rihanna’s song “Jump”, which samples Ginuwine.

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